11 Super Simple Productivity Hacks That Will Immediately Change Office Morale

May 18, 2017

11 Super Simple Productivity Hacks That Will Immediately Change Office Morale

Ever wonder how that one person in the office always manages to get things done without seeming too stressed or completely overwhelmed? This blog will discuss everything from tech gadgets that enhance productivity, to advice for stressed-out employees.

11 Super Simple Productivity Hacks

1. Rid the Office of Toxic Personalities

Ensure that you are not hiring individuals with abrasive or highly negative personalities. When hiring new individuals, make sure they are a good fit with the company culture and would get along well with coworkers.

2. Professional Development

Provide professional development opportunities such as compensation for further education or potential for growth within the company. If workers know that they have room to grow, there is a much greater chance that you will see productivity levels rise. 

3. Assign “Busy” Work

Administrative tasks that tend to fill time and lack creativity are a great way to provide your workers with a concrete goal and assignment. The feeling of finishing an administrative task is rewarding, regardless of the size of the assignment. Some people think administrative, concrete tasks are a waste of time, but it turns out that it provides much needed relaxation between tasks that require creativity or excessive effort. 

4. Have an Organizational Vision

This starts at the top of the organization. The c-levels and managers must promote an organized culture in order to enhance any productivity levels.

5. Provide a Collaborative Work Environment

Whether your team is working all within one-office or spread across multiple remote areas, it is critical to provide tools for team communication. Google Hangouts, Slack, and Skype provide collaborative environments for teams not sitting in the same room.

6. Skills development

Provide your employees with time and opportunity to freshen up their skills. Whether that means going to a conference, taking an online class, or simply re-focusing attention to a new skill set, people feel productive when they are given the opportunity to grow.

7. Effective Communication Techniques

Make sure all team members (in office and remote) have the ability to effectively communicate with one another. Whether you set up weekly meetings to catch up on priorities, or invest in a communication tool, like Slack, as a way to boost productivity levels at your organization.

8. Provide Real-Time Feedback

In today’s economy, things change quickly. It is imperative for leaders of the organization to be available, in real-time to respond to positive or negative events. You can be the most productive when you get immediate feedback on your performance. Even if it is negative, having real-time feedback allows individuals ample time to change their course of action.

9. Try Gamification

Gamification is the method of incorporating gameplay mechanics into the workplace in order to drive behavior and engagement. This way, you can objectively measure employee accomplishments and motivation.

10. Recognition is Priceless

A key finding from a Psychology Today study was that 70% of survey respondents reported their most meaningful recognition “had no dollar value” – a substantial increase from 57% in a similar survey 2007. 83% of respondents said, “Recognition for contributions was more fulfilling than any rewards or gifts.”

11. Make it a Priority for C-Levels

Employee engagement and productivity have become a C-level issue. Companies now compete to win “best place to work” surveys and monitor social media carefully. There is an escalating war between companies to have the best workspaces, flexible benefits, and great corporate cultures. Nearly nine in ten executives (85 percent) in this year’s survey rated engagement as an important (38 percent) or very important (48 percent) priority for their companies.

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