Appetize Doubles Length of Forecasting Outlook With Mavenlink

Jan 21, 2021

Appetize Doubles Length of Forecasting Outlook With Mavenlink

Appetize is a leading, fully cloud-based point of sale (POS), digital ordering and enterprise management platform trusted by the world’s highest volume businesses. Find out how Mavenlink helped Appetize see further and deeper into their business needs.

About Appetize

Appetize’s mission is to elevate the guest ordering experience while making operations more efficient and productive. Appetize’s POS platform provides easy deployment, scale-up, reconfiguration, and upgrade capabilities with enterprise capabilities as a leading technology hub for commerce.

The Challenge

As Appetize began to thrive and grow as a leader in the industry, the company’s legacy systems for project tracking became less suitable for their needs. Ultimately, the legacy system Appetize relied on for everyday needs created several distinct challenges that increased alongside the company’s continued success, including manual data analysis and rapid growth challenges.

The Switch to Mavenlink

The limitations created by legacy systems led Appetize to search for a stronger resource management solution that could support its unique needs. After evaluating the field, Appetize chose Mavenlink’s industry cloud for professional services for its ability to meet their demands for a better resource management solution, which included project creation and allocation, dependable time tracking, and the ability to support a remote distributed team.

The Results

  • Forecasting horizon increases to 12 weeks
  • Management of 40+ major projects per quarter
  • Support for rapid companywide scaling
  • Salesforce integration supports project implementation
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