Boncom Reduces Billing Rate Errors by 100% With Mavenlink

Jun 25, 2021

Boncom Reduces Billing Rate Errors by 100% With Mavenlink

Boncom specializes in bridging the gap between belief and behavior through advertising, experience design, branding, and behavioral psychology. Learn how Mavenlink helped Boncom gain greater control over their billing, time tracking, reports, and more.

About Boncom

As an advertising agency, Boncom partners with purpose-driven brands who are focused on creating more good in the world.

The Challenge

Boncom relied on several point solutions to deliver a wide variety of client-facing projects including Workamajig for time tracking and multiple project management solutions that varied across teams. However, none of these solutions provided the operational functionality Boncom needed to succeed.

The Switch to Mavenlink

With Mavenlink, Boncom was able to achieve critical software solution integrations, create dependable time tracking throughout the organization, and provide a modern, intuitive user interface for their teams, ensuring company-wide adoption.

The Results

  • 100% reduction in billing rate errors
  • Companywide time tracking compliance
  • Generate reports in half the time
  • Accurate forecasting drives hiring decisions
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