Butterfly Increases Billable Time by 20% with Mavenlink

Jan 29, 2020

Butterfly Increases Billable Time by 20% with Mavenlink

Since 2006, Butterfly has provided stunning websites for clients across Australia with a focus on digital strategies that bring long-term success and ongoing support to meet shifting needs. Find out how Mavenlink helped Butterfly increase billable time and productive utilization through next level resource management.

About Butterfly

Butterfly is an award-winning digital agency in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in digital strategy, design, development, and more to help connect businesses with their audience.

The Challenge

In an effort to support the needs of clients and resources, Butterfly adopted a number of disparate systems and built a homegrown solution to manage projects and time logs. However, the system was cumbersome and time consuming when it came to time entry, reporting, and project planning. Butterfly’s multiple legacy systems created several major obstacles, including limited reporting capabilities, inflexible project management, and limited time entry.

The Switch to Mavenlink

The project planning limitations and inefficiencies in their systems drove Butterfly to search for a solution that was aligned with how they manage their business. Butterfly needed a solution that was specifically strong in flexible time tracking and reporting, which was found in Mavenlink.

“The key difference between Mavenlink and other choices was the planning and scheduling component and how these project management tools worked together,” said Daniel Woodhouse, CTO at Butterfly. “With Mavenlink, I can add in tasks and not have to plan against a resource for project planning.”

The Results

  • 20% increase in billable project time
  • 16% increase in productive utilization
  • Highly beneficial Jira integration
  • Fast reporting insights for business decisions
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