Emarsys Increases Projects Delivered on Budget by 12.5% Year Over Year with Mavenlink

Sep 23, 2019

Emarsys Increases Projects Delivered on Budget by 12.5% Year Over Year with Mavenlink

Emarsys is the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, providing software that enables personalized, one-to-one interactions between marketers and customers. Find out how Mavenlink helped Emarsys support its growing, global business for greater project success and higher rates of client satisfaction.

About Emarsys

Emarsys provides software that enables personalized interactions with marketing automation, omnichannel communication, and more helping their clients scale marketing decisions and actions beyond human capabilities.

The Challenge

The team at Emarsys built an in-house, custom, internal project management system using Salesforce to support their everyday tasks. However, the inherent limitations of the homegrown solution became more and more obvious as the company grew into a global organization. The most significant limitations experienced by the Emarsys team were a lack of detailed project reporting and resource visibility. To match the growth of their offering, a different solution was needed.

The Switch to Mavenlink

Emarsys’ growing need for a project management solution that could support their needs as a global organization led them to Mavenlink, which met several key criteria for the company, including reporting insights, scalability, and customization. “Over- and underestimating resources can be a tricky process for stakeholders,” said Harvey Clarke, Head of Implementation at Emarsys. “The ability to manage all of our stakeholders through Mavenlink has been a big improvement for us.”

The Results

  • Simultaneous global implementation of business process updates
  • 12.5% increase in projects delivered on budget year over year
  • Company-wide increase in number one KPI – client satisfaction
  • Greater visibility regarding project margins, issues, utilization, and more

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