Mavenlink Reduces Project Administrative Time by 65% for Donesafe

Dec 17, 2018

Mavenlink Reduces Project Administrative Time by 65% for Donesafe

Donesafe provides compliance management software that connects workers in the field to in-office management through a modern platform with end-to-end functionality. Learn how Mavenlink helped Donesafe reduce its project-related administrative time by 65%.

Who is Donesafe?

Donesafe is dedicated to helping companies improve compliance management solutions, allowing users to design their workflows and forms, as well as automate processes that safely connect apps, data, and employees. Donesafe’s compliance software is configurable to individual client demands and improves safety throughout a wide variety of business processes.

The Challenge

Donesafe relied on several standalone applications to manage projects and facilitate client communication, but rapid growth and continued success caused the company to feel limited by its systems. “We were moving from a start-up phase into a scale-up phase and needed replicable business processes that could help us deal with larger clients,” said Graham Martin, Chief Marketing Officer at Donesafe. “We needed a software solution that was configurable and robust enough to help us grow while balancing good service with consistent delivery.”

The Shift to Mavenlink

Mavenlink’s project management solution allowed Donesafe to continue the rapid growth that had outpaced previous systems. The software also provided transparent communication between Donesafe and clients to keep projects on track. “The collaboration is awesome, clients are raving about it,” said Kirsty Graham, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Donesafe. “We provide them with clear tasks and timeframes for projects and use Mavenlink’s reporting features to reprioritize and respond to any risks or budget concerns that may arise during a project.”

The Results

  • Reduced project-related admin time by 65%
  • Achieved a 60% improvement in sustained service levels
  • Tripled efficiency and delivery rates

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