Optimus SBR Improves Forecasting Horizon by 50% with Mavenlink

Jul 28, 2020

Optimus SBR Improves Forecasting Horizon by 50% with Mavenlink

Optimus SBR is one of the largest independently-owned professional services firms in North America. Learn how Mavenlink gave them forecasting insights for new levels of success.

About Optimus SBR

Optimus SBR is an execution focused firm, and has a long track-record of delivering game-changing results for clients in the Financial Services, Government & Broader Public Sector, Health Care, Social Sector, Transportation, Energy, Travel and other industries.

The Challenge

As a rapidly growing company, Optimus SBR outgrew their assorted legacy software tools, which created several challenges that Optimus SBR needed to overcome with a new project management solution.

These challenges included an inability to create a real time revenue forecast from the old systems to better understand what future financial performance could be. In addition, managers had to manually extract data and create their own forms to analyze the data generated from their projects.

The Switch to Mavenlink

The challenges being experienced by the Optimus SBR team with legacy systems meant that a new solution needed to be implemented to support the ongoing success of a growing organization.

Optimus SBR chose Mavenlink for several critical capabilities, including real-time revenue forecasting to understand future revenue and determine what was impacting margins for the company. In addition, Mavenlink’s resource forecasting let managers see future availability for successful planning and project staffing.

The Results

  • 50% Improvement in Forecasting Horizon
  • 100% Timesheet Entry Adoption
  • Supports Completely-remote Work Delivery
  • Data-driven Hiring Decisions
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