PlainJoe Studios Increases Projects Closing Within Budget by 50% With Mavenlink

May 20, 2020

PlainJoe Studios Increases Projects Closing Within Budget by 50% With Mavenlink

PlainJoe Studios is a multi-discipline, experiential design studio intently focused on spatial, strategic, and digitally immersive storytelling. Learn how Mavenlink gave them critical project insights for continued success.

About PlainJoe Studios

PlainJoe Studios uses a team of artists, architects, strategists and problem solvers to drive connection, create value and captivate client audiences. PlainJoe’s strategic storytelling is focused on defining everything from a company’s brand identity to its corporate culture.

The Challenge

PlainJoe’s success as an innovative design studio led to continued growth, leading to larger teams and a greater amount and wider diversification of projects,

While these solutions provided the team with important data, all of these processes had to be manually completed. As a result, the PlainJoe team experienced several challenges in how projects were handled and improved upon, including a lack of clarity into profitability and project needs.

The Switch to Mavenlink

The continued limitations that PlainJoe experienced with its legacy systems pushed the organization to look for a project management solution that could consolidate legacy systems and support the crucial aspects of their diverse business needs. Their answer was found in Mavenlink.

We were making tons of gut decisions before Mavenlink,” said Kelsey Sibal, Director of Production at PlainJoe Studios. “By having real information on hiring the right people, we’re now able to project various needs for hiring. Mavenlink has helped us make great business decisions.

The Results

  • 50% increase in projects closing within budget
  • 15% increase in billing rates
  • Improved data insights for project success
  • Enablement of fast shift to remote work
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