RPI Consultants Decreases Admin Time by 20% With Mavenlink

May 04, 2020

RPI Consultants Decreases Admin Time by 20% With Mavenlink

RPI Consultants provides expert software consulting and project leadership for enterprise level implementations of products and solutions. Find out how RPI decreased their administrative time by 20% with Mavenlink.

About RPI

RPI’s team of experts works with clients to identify cost-effective options through solution implementation, cutting-edge technology to eliminate unnecessary administrative work, and internal specialists that more efficiently complete skill-specific tasks.

The Challenge

RPI’s focus on providing high quality software consulting to clients led RPI to use many different forms of communication with clients to drive projects forward. As a result, RPI adopted numerous solutions to aid in task management duties spread across a growing team. However, these many disparate systems created an increasing number of complications that RPI needed to solve in order to stay successful, including time-consuming manual data entry and a lack of interdepartmental transparency and synchronization.

The Switch to Mavenlink

As RPI continued to find new levels of success in the consulting field, the time had come for a project management solution that would help them move past their limitations. The search for a solution that could replace legacy systems while also integrating and synchronizing data from other solutions led RPI to Mavenlink.

“With Mavenlink, we’re being more proactive rather than reactive with our project strategies,” said Julia Robinson, Sr. Project Manager at RPI.

The Results

  • 20% Decrease in Admin Time
  • 5% Increase in Utilization Rates
  • Single Source of Truth for Project Data
  • Accurate Forecasting Improves Resource Management
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