Scorch Agency Increases Profit Margins by 20% with Mavenlink

Aug 15, 2019

Scorch Agency Increases Profit Margins by 20% with Mavenlink

Scorch Agency is an innovative B2B content marketing organization that is changing the way companies curate and strengthen their online presence. Learn how Scorch gained an in-depth understanding of their company that led to new levels of growth and success through Mavenlink.

About Scorch

Scorch has been the agency behind numerous disruptive marketing campaigns for some of the most recognized brands in the world since 2009. The interactive experiences, videos, blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, social content, public relations, and other marketing materials created by Scorch have made a massive difference in the long-term success of countless clients.

The Challenge

As Scorch Agency found continued success and received numerous awards for its work, the company grew into a global operation and hit critical mass in 2014. Clients and business processes moved very fast and centered on projects that were too big for the platforms the company was using. Scorch initially relied on Basecamp to manage projects, but switched to Workamajig in hopes of alleviating the issues it was experiencing. The agency soon realized Workamajig could not provide the support needed for a growing global business and Scorch began searching for a better solution.

The Switch to Mavenlink

Scorch Agency chose Mavenlink as its project management solution to fulfill business needs and provide critical tools for future success. Not only did Mavenlink support the business in ways it had long needed, but it was quickly adopted by team members throughout the company. “Ease of use and being able to get the team to subscribe and adopt the platform was like drinking water, said Scorch CEO Chris Buehler. “It works so well and makes us move faster as a company.”

The Results

  • Increased Profit Margins by 20%
  • Tripled Revenue Growth
  • Departments Streamlined Through Performance Insights
  • Business Doubled in Size Within a Year

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