TeleTracking Increases Billable Utilization by 37% With Mavenlink

Jan 23, 2020

TeleTracking Increases Billable Utilization by 37% With Mavenlink

TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. provides patient flow automation solutions to the healthcare industry to solve today’s pressing hospital needs. Learn how Mavenlink supported TeleTracking’s mission to support timely healthcare and helped the organization increase their billable utilization.

About Teletracking

As a healthcare patient solution provider focused on optimizing workflow and improving timely patient care, TeleTracking’s mission is to ensure that no one will ever wait for the care they need.

The Challenge

TeleTracking’s patient flow solutions support healthcare providers in a wide array of critical areas and used a variety of systems to enable these internal practices, including MS Project, Sharepoint, Netsuite, Jira, and Microsoft Excel. However, TeleTracking’s usage of these many different solutions created numerous challenges within everyday business processes, including insufficient time tracking practices, unclear resource utilization, and difficulty in forecasting capacity, which led to a search for a new solution.

“We were not looking for just a new project management technology, but really looking for a partner that was going to help us make the right decisions along the way,” said Melissa Korzun, Client Transformation Leader at TeleTracking Technologies. “Mavenlink stood out in terms of that partnership even in the pre-sales process.”

The Switch to Mavenlink

Teletracking’s search for a resource management solution led them to Mavenlink. Mavenlink’s internal time tracking and analysis capabilities quickly showing that a solution to their long-standing issues was possible. TeleTracking needed support in several crucial areas, which were found in Mavenlink, including sales pipeline visibility, detailed utilization reports, and accurate time tracking capabilities.

The Results

  • 100% time tracking compliance
  • 13% increase in hours in 2 weeks
  • 18% increase in hours to date
  • 37% increase in billable utilization

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