CommonPlaces Improves Employee Satisfaction 100% with Mavenlink

Aug 18, 2017

CommonPlaces Improves Employee Satisfaction 100% with Mavenlink

CommonPlaces Interactive is an award-winning digital agency specializing in web development, inbound marketing, and online strategy. They began searching for a project management tool when trying to juggle multiple apps.

The CommonPlaces Story

Prior to Mavenlink, CommonPlaces was using Active Collab as their main project management software tool. According to Kami Raleigh, Business Manager, CommonPlaces, “It was difficult to keep track of various tasks and developers complained a lot about the time tracking. It just wasn’t easy.” CommonPlaces needed a project management solution that was agile, easy to use, and met all of their requirements. Thus began the search for Mavenlink.

The Switch to Mavenlink

When looking for a new solution, CommonPlaces had a number of requirements. They wanted the ability to track fixed-fee versus time and materials projects, collaborate across subtasks, monitor budgets versus actuals, and prioritize tasks. They were also looking for more robust financial reporting.

Not to mention, the team needed a solution that would integrate with the following: QuickBooks, Google Docs, IM (Slack/ Skype/Hangouts), Beanstalk, and Salesforce. Ultimately, the team at CommonPlaces realized that Mavenlink was the tool for them—it had all the features they were looking for, along with critical integration capabilities required for success. The hunt for a project and resource management solution was over.

What Mavenlink Replaced:

  • Active Collab
  • Email
  • Spreadsheets

Mavenlink Benefits:

  • Improved Team Collaboration
  • 100% Improvement in Employee Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Client Alignment and Communications
  • Newfound Visibility into Project Details
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