Herjavec Group Increases Productivity By 20% With Mavenlink

Nov 02, 2020

Herjavec Group Increases Productivity By 20% With Mavenlink

Herjavec Group is a cybersecurity firm offering comprehensive protection to minimize cyber attacks and threats for companies around the world. Learn how Mavenlink‘s resource management capabilities helped Herjavec Group increase utilization and productivity across their teams and projects.

About Herjavec Group

Herjavec Group provides cybersecurity products and services to enterprise organizations and has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity operations leaders, with the company excelling in complex, multi-technology environments.

The Challenge

As a company focused on providing innovation that will change the lives of clients, Herjavec Group was dependent on systems that could enable their project management strategies. Herjavec team members were using Microsoft Projects for management, however, each project manager’s instance was disconnected from one another while controlling their own projects. These legacy systems and the shortcomings caused team members to experience several recurring issues that interfered with day-to-day work, including a lack of financial integration and complicated resource management.

The Switch to Mavenlink

Continued complications with resource and project management led Herjavec Group to begin the search for a new solution that could scale with the growing company and empower team members for years to come. Herjavec Group decided on Mavenlink as the project management and PPM solution for its unique demands.

Specifically, Mavenlink fulfilled several critical needs, which included improved project collaboration, project performance insights, and resource availability Forecasting

The Results

  • 20% increase in productivity
  • 8% increase in utilization
  • Support for simultaneously managing 250+ projects
  • Support for pre-sales and project pipeline forecasting
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