How to Better Align Sales and Service Delivery Teams

Sep 25, 2018

How to Better Align Sales and Service Delivery Teams

This week, more than a hundred thousand professionals from all over the globe will meet at the Dreamforce 2018 conference in San Francisco, hosted by the world’s leading SaaS customer relationship management (CRM) company, and Mavenlink partner, Salesforce. To commemorate the start of the event, we wanted to cover a topic pressing many services organizations today: how to better align and communicate with their sales counterparts so services work is better planned and executed..

In an ideal world, once a sales opportunity reaches a certain stage within a company’s CRM system, information about the services work to be estimated or planned would flow into whatever system the services team uses to manage projects. However, this is not typically the case because the systems most often don’t “talk” to each other. Without that flow between systems, data is hard to access, decisions are delayed, resource capacity is sub-optimized, and execution suffers.

However, a modern integrated solution can close these gaps and, in doing so, better align your service delivery and sales teams.

The Benefits of Tying Your CRM and OSR

By connecting the service delivery team’s Operational System of Record (OSR) with CRM, visibility can be gained into the sales pipeline that allows for longer view resource planning and more accurate forecasts. It can also improve the predictability, on-time starts, and profitability of client engagements with more time to adjust staffing and prepare for the work to come.

Integrating your CRM with your OSR can improve communication between sales and service delivery teams by sharing status information and enabling messaging from one system to the next. As a result, both sales and services teams are equipped to support one another’s needs and more effectively serve customers.

Mavenlink and Salesforce Bring Teams Together

One example of a CRM integrating with an Operational System of Record is Mavenlink’s integration with Salesforce. This integration helps drive a new level of visibility and alignment across sales and project delivery teams by allowing the following functional capabilities:

  • Resource and revenue forecasting from opportunities in the pipeline
  • Triggered project estimates at desired sales stage
  • Triggered templated projects plans
  • Seamless project communication between Mavenlink and Salesforce Chatter
  • Real-time visibility into project status from either system

Enable a new level of teamwork and alignment between your sales and services teams by connecting your OSR with your CRM. Mavenlink’s integration with Salesforce is on display with week at Dreamforce 2018. If you’re at the event, we invite you to join us for an in-person demo. If you’re not attending and would like to learn more, please schedule a demo today.

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