How to Build a Remote Sales Strategy to Win Over Prospects and Achieve Your Goals

Oct 20, 2020

How to Build a Remote Sales Strategy to Win Over Prospects and Achieve Your Goals

The shift to remote work across nearly every industry around the globe has fundamentally changed the sales process. From the first engagement with a prospective client to completing the transaction, sales teams must now execute without the many benefits that come from face-to-face in-person interactions.

According to “Silent Messages” by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, communication between a salesperson and a prospect is 7% spoken words, 38% tone of voice, and 55% body language. Even with the benefit of having video conferencing available today, body language and even tone of voice can be negatively affected in the conversation between a salesperson and a prospect. But with new strategies and critical adjustments for remote sales in today’s COVID-19 climate it is possible to build a strong sales team and achieve your goals.

Set Up Your Workspace to Look Great On Camera

While video calls help people connect visually, participants don’t always look their best or project a polished image. Sales people can take several steps to look more professional on camera at any time of the day.

  • Be present, prepared, and dress appropriately
  • Position your camera slightly above eye level
  • Set up proper balanced lighting
  • Have an appropriate and clutter-free backdrop

These steps will help your online presence look as good as an in-person meeting.

Embrace Creative Online Presentations

There are tons of online meeting solutions available today, including Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, GoToMeeting, FaceTime, Skype, and When deciding on how your team should meet with prospects, make sure that the software you choose has enough tools available for your presentation methodology and is easy for prospects to download and use.

With the right software, your online connection can be strong with clear audio and no lag in your visuals. From here, use a well-designed and informative presentation to support your talking points with clear information and a consistently engaging discussion that can overcome the disconnect that often happens in online communication. While this may never match the connection possible when face-to-face, strong visuals and a well-paced presentation can become very engaging and persuasive.

Remember that your prospect is adjusting to these changes in communication just like you and you can show them how invested you are through a well-made online presentation that stands out from the rest.

Leverage a Wide Variety of Videos

Videos continue to rise in popularity, giving prospects digestible bits of insights and information without the need to do in-depth reading about a product. Videos become even more valuable as sales tools in remote sales without the ability to answer questions and walk through services in person.

High quality videos take time to produce, so your company should create a roadmap for production, identifying which videos are most important and should be made first as well as what specific industries and roles should be targeted by remote sales. These videos should also fulfill various roles, including:

  • Product Explainers
  • Feature Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Team Member Interviews
  • Product Demos

Consider reviewing the various written pieces of content and in-person strategies that have a track record of success and use these points to guide your video development strategy.

Show Your Human Side

The services or products you offer are, of course, most critical in closing the deal, but having a person-to-person connection is a critical influencer in every sale. A major element in breaking through the challenges created by online sales is getting your prospect to see you and your organization as living, breathing people that are working hard for them.

Consider a few of the following tactics to present the human side of your organization while continuing the sales process:

  • An in-depth product demo that includes technical team members they may otherwise never meet.
  • A video walkthrough of your product or services that shows how your team works and what they can do for the prospect.
  • A virtual tour of the company and the various roles that will directly affect the prospect at some point in their journey as a client.

The key is to both personalize your organization while remaining professional. The tips above can help your sales team overcome the gap caused by remote work and adjust each interaction to the unique preferences of each prospective client. Over time, and with practice, remote sales can become the same pillar of success that in-person sales have been for your company.

Help Your Team Take Collaboration to a New Level

Successfully engaging with prospects requires effective collaboration, which will only continue to grow in importance in the era of remote work. Learn more in our ebook, “How to Win at Collaboration,” for insights in how your team can effectively work together for success, no matter where they are working from today and into the future.

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