Innovations Designed for Real-World Impact

Mar 12, 2021

Innovations Designed for Real-World Impact

The past year was a tumultuous time, testing businesses and software solutions with fast, unprecedented change and new needs. The upside is that these new challenges led to purposeful innovations designed to overcome obstacles and support businesses in new, powerful ways.

We wanted to highlight some of the recent Mavenlink product innovations that will give you more control, clarity, and confidence:

Taking charge of currencies

Our Multi-Currency and Fees Dashboard lets you track expenses in almost any currency and convert them to the project currency. Add to that Mavenlink Insights and its Fees Dashboard and you have an easy way to better understand where your revenue is coming from. Now you can quickly spot issues with bill rates, estimate revenue with improved fixed fee reporting, and better understand how currency conversion impacts your global financial picture.

Remember that plan 

Saved Views lets you easily reuse preferred filters to create custom views in Mavenlink Master Planning. You can quickly switch between sets of filters or return to a specific view of people or projects with a click. This gives you a view of Master Planning customized for your unique needs that’s easy to use and always ready for you.

Find the right resources, fast!

With the Mavenlink Configurable Resource Recommendations feature, you can easily find the right person to fit your skills, availability, role, or other requirements. And with Team Builder, you can quickly edit and scenario plan project resources by adjusting the criteria weighting. These are powerful capabilities that make it easier to build the best teams and quickly adapt to constantly changing business needs.

Expand access and your options

The new Project Guest and Custom Project Access features let you grant anyone full transparency and project visibility without having to invite them to a project. You can quickly assign Guest Access to expanded team members without running up against participant limits. 

“Mavenlink has taken Process Stream to another level.  Mavenlink makes us a much better consulting company because we are able to track and monitor all of our projects in one place.  We are now able to easily integrate key project, PMO, financial, accounting and administrative functions that were disparate before in a seamless and easy to use system, thereby decreasing our cost and increasing our productivity.” 

– Shane Flynn, Managing Director of Consulting Solutions, Process Stream

Exciting things on the horizon

As pioneers of the industry cloud for professional services, Mavenlink is always looking for ways to help you improve your operations. Our focus on Dynamic Resource Optimization is driving upcoming innovations that will give you greater visibility into demand, improve the accuracy of forecasting, and enable greater confidence in allocations and project durations. We’re also committed to helping you work smarter with new features that will include upgrades to Gantt, improved task tracking, more granular controls in project accounting, and full customization of responsibility and access levels.

We’ve also started the Fundamentals webinar series to help you get more out of Mavenlink. Tune in to learn how to make the most of existing features, discover new capabilities, and ask questions in a live setting. We kicked off 2021 with a great winter product recap on various features in the platform to help you start the year off right. We’re excited to share the expertise!

Refine Your Outcomes for a Better 2021

At Mavenlink, we’re constantly adding features and capabilities to help you make the most of your resources. Are you ready to take greater control over your results? Learn how to set yourself up for better outcomes in our free ebook, “Outcomes Engineering: Your Winning Formula for Success.”

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