Mavenlink Announces New Integration with Slack

Dec 19, 2017

Mavenlink Announces New Integration with Slack

New integration extends Mavenlink’s contextualized collaboration and communication capabilities

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 19, 2017— Mavenlink, the leading provider of cloud-based software for the modern services organization and a Gartner Cool Vendor*, today announced a new integration with Slack, the popular digital workspace trusted by more than six million daily users.

Mavenlink’s award-winning technology solution unifies all essential business functions of a services organization to eliminate silos of information and data. With Mavenlink, client-based businesses can plan and deliver project work, manage financials, effectively allocate resources, and collaborate with distributed teams and clients—all on a single platform.

The new Slack integration allows customers to seamlessly sync information from Mavenlink to a preferred Slack channel. Now changes to projects and tasks such as due date, priority, pricing changes, and status, will be automatically communicated in Slack, instantly.

“In services your people are your best asset, and the extent to which they are able to effectively work together will determine success,” said Roger Neel, CTO and Founder of Mavenlink. “Mavenlink is designed to enable unprecedented levels of collaboration that elevate team performance and agility. This new integration further reinforces our vision by extending Mavenlink’s communication and project execution capabilities into Slack.”

Powerful Integrations Fuel Mavenlink’s Strategy to Enable a Services-Centric Operational System of Record

In addition to Slack, Mavenlink also integrates with other leading enterprise resource planning, CRM, accounting, agile development, productivity, and document management solutions, such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Intacct, Oracle, SAP, Workday, Jira, Google Drive, Xero, and Expensify. Each connection is powered by a cutting-edge extensible integration platform that eliminates the need for costly middleware and enables system administrators to tailor the solution to their needs.

Recently Mavenlink announced two new versions of popular integrations with Salesforce and Quickbooks. The newest version of Mavenlink’s Salesforce app streamlines the process of estimating new services work and then turning those estimates into executable projects once a deal is closed. The new version of the Mavenlink Quickbooks Online Invoice integration allows users to automatically create a QuickBooks invoice including time and materials, expenses, fixed fee, and additional items from a Mavenlink invoice. Payments are also now automatically recorded in Mavenlink when entered in QuickBooks.

“The hairball of technologies that many businesses have haphazardly adopted is exacerbating the problems these applications were initially deployed to solve and detracting from the real potential of the cloud,” continued Neel. “We are helping our clients through digital transformation by offering a new model that strengthens the entire technology stack. The strategy centers around a core operational system of record where a majority of work and transactions reside in a services business, then ensuring that as new integrations are added the right information is seamlessly delivered to support critical services-centric business processes. This new model is the quickest way for a services organization to increase strategic impact today.”  

To read about how to leverage integrations for competitive advantage in the new ebook, Transforming the Services-Centric Tech Stack, visit

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