Mavenlink Compared Favorably to Asana and Wrike by CIO

Feb 28, 2019

Mavenlink Compared Favorably to Asana and Wrike by CIO

CIO recently published an in-depth comparison of the project management solutions offered by Mavenlink, Asana, and Wrike. The publication compared features, company information, UI focus, integration capabilities, and the overall pros and cons of each solution.

CIO’s comparisons were designed to help readers make informed decisions when choosing the right project management solution for their unique needs. Throughout their review, the publication found Mavenlink to be a particularly strong choice for services organizations, noting, “From its high-level views to the smallest unit of task detail, Mavenlink offers a well thought out platform that is complete with business intelligence reporting — a definite plus for service-based businesses.”

Specifically, CIO noted how Mavenlink consolidates a range of features concerning project management and accounting, team collaboration, and business intelligence within a single solution.

According to CIO, Mavenlink’s pros as a platform compared to Asana and Wrike are:

  • Crisp interface with detailed drill-down capabilities
  • Robust end-to-end full-cycle resource management
  • Project Pulse offering project and bi-directional chatter feed
  • Insights reporting with performance-based visibility

These unique features and strengths helped set Mavenlink apart from Asana and Wrike. In its recommendations, CIO stated that, “All three solutions offer a clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate interface, but if you are looking for a solution that focuses on service-based businesses, Mavenlink might be a best bet.”

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