Mavenlink Helps Improve Utilization Rates by 15% for BTM Global

Aug 13, 2021

Mavenlink Helps Improve Utilization Rates by 15% for BTM Global

BTM Global Consulting offers a holistic perspective of long-term needs to help clients succeed and grow. Learn how Mavenlink helped them improve their utilization and save many hours in daily work through purpose-built resource management technology.

About BTM

BTM Global Consulting provides system integration and development services for clients ranging from small regional chains to the world’s most recognized brands.

The Challenge

Excel spreadsheets and Netsuite OpenAir carried BTM through the early years. As the company grew major customizations were needed. BTM reached the breaking point when these tools began to impact productivity. BTM’s search for a better way led them to Mavenlink.

The Switch to Mavenlink

When BTM adopted Mavenlink, the company experienced several crucial benefits within their everyday work, including critical reports on business needs, the benefit of details insights and dashboards, and the ability to forecast for into the future for long-term success.

The Results

  • 15% increase in utilization for project managers
  • 10% increase in companywide utilization
  • 4-hour resource allocation work reduced to 10 minutes
  • 100% Company-wide time tracking adoption

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