Mavenlink Helps Proclaim Interactive Hit 19% Year-Over-Year Growth

Nov 15, 2021

Mavenlink Helps Proclaim Interactive Hit 19% Year-Over-Year Growth

Proclaim Interactive is a digital agency focused on bringing more clients, patients, supporters, and sales to their customers. Learn how Mavenlink helped Proclaim Interactive hit 19% year-over-year growth and more positive effects.

About Proclaim Interactive

Proclaim Interactive is an established website design and marketing agency with a team of professionals dedicated to amplifying client messages through all digital channels.

The Challenge

When Proclaim Interactive expanded its services, the resource management and PSA systems it had relied on simply couldn’t scale with the organization. Proclaim needed a purpose-built resource management and PSA solution that could manage multiple concurrent projects for all of its clients and reconcile budgets against project progress, which led the firm to Mavenlink.

The Switch to Mavenlink

With Mavenlink, Proclaim was able to decrease billing errors, improve the accuracy of estimates, and prevent costly scope creep, which they previously could not clearly define. In addition, Mavenlink’s project burn rate tracking in Mavenlink gave Proclaim the ability to keep track of every ongoing, concurrent project across every client.

The Result

  • 19% Year-Over-Year Growth
  • 255% Growth in Average Revenue Per Client
  • 95% Time Tracking Compliance
  • 20% Improvement in Billable Utilization Rate
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