Mavenlink Product Release Roundup – July 2020

Jul 16, 2020

Mavenlink Product Release Roundup – July 2020

As a worldwide leader in project and resource management, Mavenlink is continually updating our solution to provide value to you and deliver an exceptional client experience. We are pleased to share with you a roundup of the latest additions and improvements to our product.

Enhanced Multi-Currency Support

Mavenlink’s new multi-currency capabilities take the guesswork out of converting expenses, allowing users to:

  • Track expenses in almost any currency and convert them to project currency.
  • Unify project expenses and alleviate financial confusion.
  • Focus on delivering great client experiences while spending less time on expense-related administrative tasks.
  • Access data faster to make informed business decisions.

Learn more about the new financial capabilities in this Foreign Exchange Overview Knowledge Base Article.

Improved Project Financial Reporting

Coupled with Mavenlink’s enhanced multi-currency support, our updated Insights and Fees Dashboard puts the information you need right at your fingertips. Updated financial reporting now allows users to:

  • Easily switch between Allocated and Scheduled fees within the same report.
  • Estimate revenue with improved fixed fee reporting.
  • Better understand how conversion rates impact your business globally.
  • Quickly spot abnormalities in bill rates.

More information can be found in this Fees Dashboard Knowledge Base Article.

Scenario Specific Reports Catalog

Through our recent work with clients, we have identified key scenarios where Mavenlink could provide additional analysis and metrics for critical decisions. Understanding every service business has their own set of diverse reporting needs, our Business Intelligence team has developed a catalog of configurable reports designed to address specific business scenarios. Individualized reports help organizations address unique needs that go beyond Mavenlink’s 70+ out-of-the-box reports.

Through the Scenario Specific Reports Catalog, companies can get individualized views of KPIs, such as margin, resource availability, and overall business performance. All professionally developed reports can be configured and customized easily in the user’s account.

Mavenlink Data Loader Training Course

Our latest course offering, Mavenlink Data Loader Training, introduces Mavenlink customers, partners, and employees to the features, functions, configuration, and operation of Mavenlink Data Loader. Through the training, participants will learn to:

  • Identify the features and functionality of Mavenlink Data Loader.
  • Utilize the Data Loader to import desired data.
  • Cite the various scenarios and available objects.
  • Identify and access Help and other related resources.

Contact a Mavenlink Client Success representative for more information.

Explore the Future of Work

Mavenlink’s newest report is now available. The Future of Work Culture offers insight into what multiple generations of workers want from companies today. Grasp a newfound understanding of generational workplace preferences in our latest report.

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