Mavenlink Product Release Roundup – May 2020

May 14, 2020

Mavenlink Product Release Roundup – May 2020

At Mavenlink, we are committed to delivering an exceptional client experience and continually strengthening our solution.

Here’s a roundup of some of our recent product enhancements.

Project Permission and View, Post, Track Time and Expense

Guest Access

Leverage the power and flexibility of Access Groups to make project information available to anyone without needing to invite them to your project.

New Project Access Options (View, Post, Track Time & Expense)

This update splits our current Project Access into more granular options. Take advantage of our new Custom Access option to determine how individuals interact with the activity feed, track time, and/or log expenses.

These two new access feature enhancements will help Mavenlink users provide greater access to and control over the insights their team members and clients need for more successful projects.

Permissions for Resource Recommendations Beta

Several recent enhancements to the Resource Recommendations feature are available for beta users.

1. Toggle Recommendations: In Resource Management Settings, Administrators will now be able to turn on/off the Recommendations feature. If turned off, no one on your account will be able to view recommendations in Master Planning (This will be “on” by default if you have the beta feature enabled).

2. Access Group Permissions: If you currently use Access Groups, you can now control with more granularity which users can view Recommendations. After today’s change, only Administrators will see Recommendations by default. Other users must be added to an Access Group with permission to “View Resource Recommendations” (accounts without Access Groups enabled will see no change).

Knowledge Base Search Enhancements

We are happy to announce that SearchUnify has replaced Mavenlink’s current Zendesk search functionality. Some of the benefits of this change include:

  • Cross-platform integration for relevant insights.
  • Ability to fine-tune search results based on keyword, content type, or other factors.
  • Use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to optimize results for relevance.

In addition to the speed and accuracy that Mavenlink clients are accustomed to when searching the Knowledge Base, you will soon be able to retrieve results simultaneously from different knowledge sources.

Discover the Future of Work

Mavenlink has just released its Future of Work Culture report, with insights regarding what multiple generations of workers want from companies today. Learn more about what keeps and drives workers away in our new report.

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