Mavenlink Quarterly Product Release Roundup

Dec 10, 2020

Mavenlink Quarterly Product Release Roundup

As the leader in project and resource management, Mavenlink is always looking for ways to improve our solution while continuing to deliver maximum value and an exceptional experience to each of our clients.  We are pleased to share highlights of a few of the latest additions and improvements to our product.

Resource Recommendation & Team Builder

Save time and uncover tough-to-find options with in-context, configurable staffing suggestions through Mavenlink’s Resource Recommendation & Team Builder, designed to support resource managers, who have a difficult job of playing “tetris” while comparing resource demand with available employees.

Users of Resource Recommendation & Team Builder can make decisions based on criteria including:

  • Role
  • Availability (using Allocations)
  • Skills
  • Custom Fields (currently Single-Choice)
  • Cost (Margin Impact)

Through Criteria Weighting, resource managers can set the relative importance of each criteria used to determine who to recommend, use Match Requirements to only recommend users who meet certain criteria, and set Resources to Recommend to choose the number of resources that appear in the dropdown. Together, these new capabilities allow resource managers to decrease the time required to make staffing decisions and improve their task matching for greater success.

Ongoing Product Education

Mavenlink recently launched a series of ongoing product education webinars designed to help you fully leverage the platform.  Check out the on-demand recordings:

New Master Planning Enhancements

To help users gain even greater control over and insight into their projects, we’ve developed new Master Planning filters. These filters are designed to improve user experience (UX) and consistency in UX design through a filter modal and add additional, highly-requested filters to Master Planning.

New filters include:

  • Availability Filter – Filter by % available and by dynamic dates
  • Quick Search – Find a user or project and filter on a single user or project
  • Toggle Resource Type – Switch between named and unnamed resources

These filters are currently in beta.  If you are interested in accessing the Master Planning Filtering beta, please contact our team to sign the beta agreement.

Forecast for Greater Success

Having a deeper understanding of capacity forecasting and being able to improve your business through insights plays a critical role in long-term success. Learn more in our ebook, Forecasting & Optimizing Capacity: Why the Future of Your Business Depends on It.

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