Myers Media Group Improves Team Productivity by 50% with Mavenlink

Jul 19, 2018

Myers Media Group Improves Team Productivity by 50% with Mavenlink

Myers Media Group offers organic search products and services that help enterprise websites reach their broadest market share in highly competitive spaces. Find out how Mavenlink helped Myers Media Group improve team productivity by 50%.

Who is Myers Media Group?

Myers Media Group develops the core components of a sustainable SEO infrastructure, including the abilities to catalog and prioritize all SEO assets, optimize existing infrastructure, and generate and manage large quantities of optimized content. With clients like Expedia, Advance Auto Parts, Sears, Home Advisor and Travelocity, Myers Media Group’s technologies and tactics have achieved proven results for more than a decade, through all Google updates, and in the most competitive organic search markets.

The Challenge

The company used a number of different tools for tasks including project planning, communications, time tracking, collaboration and resource management, but the systems were not interconnected. This somewhat makeshift infrastructure created significant operating challenges, as teams lacked a unified view and had too many ways to communicate with one another.

The Shift to Mavenlink

When Myers Media Group decided it was time to find a solution that gave teams a more holistic and web-based solution, it considered a handful of options. FinancialForce and a number of other off-the-shelf tools were both considered, along with building its own in-house solution. In the end they selected Mavenlink.

The Results

  • Improved planning and portfolio management
  • Nearly company-wide use
  • Improved analytics, optimization, and productivity
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