How TeleTracking Found Resource Management Success With Mavenlink

Jul 23, 2019

How TeleTracking Found Resource Management Success With Mavenlink

More services organizations than ever are focused on centralizing resource management to better compete in the ever-changing industry. In order to do so, services organizations are using modern technology solutions to enable more effective resource management. However, many businesses are searching for the right implementation strategy to make the most of their new solution.

In this on-demand webinar, Gayle Lessen, Vice President of Professional Services at Mavenlink, joins John Scipio and Melissa Korzun from the Professional Services team at TeleTracking to discuss how to achieve successful resource management in today’s businesses.

TeleTracking is a hospital operations software and services company that is focused on streamlining how medical centers care for their patients. That level of care meant that TeleTracking needed a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution to support their daily resource management needs. The tool they had depended on for years had become outdated and overburdened as the business grew and demanded more detailed accounting and management practices.

The need for a stronger, dedicated resource management solution led TeleTracking to Mavenlink. By using Mavenlink to support their resource management needs, TeleTracking was able to overcome their greatest challenges, including:

  • Insufficient time tracking practices
  • Unclear resource utilization
  • Difficulty forecasting capacity

Together, these improvements helped TeleTracking reach a new level of success.

Learn more about the difference that Mavenlink made for TeleTracking’s resource management capabilities and how you can improve your own business processes in our free, in-depth webinar.

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