Professional Services Resource Capacity Planning from Mavenlink and TSIA Now Available

Aug 28, 2019

Professional Services Resource Capacity Planning from Mavenlink and TSIA Now Available

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) and Mavenlink’s joint whitepaper on Professional Services Resource Capacity Planning is now available. This professional services research is the result of in-depth analysis regarding the need for and effects of capacity planning in the modern services industry.

Benchmark data from professional services companies has helped Mavenlink and TSIA better understand the role of capacity planning in businesses today, as well as the most common challenges and benefits experienced with related technology solutions.

Making the Most of Resource Capacity Planning

The services industry is transforming and today’s services consumption models are transforming along with it. These changes are putting pressure on professional services business, requiring businesses to become more agile and responsive to customer demands. The ability to quickly adjust to market conditions can be fueled by an effective capacity planning process, or inhibited by the lack of effective capacity planning. As such, making effective and informed changes as soon as possible is critical for success.

Readers will have access to a wide variety of insights regarding the current capacity planning and forecasting methods being used today, as well as new models that are surfacing, which are intended to improve quality and effectiveness, and provide benefits for the PS industry. Additionally, this report is intended to help inspire a collective vision for your organization and spark forward-thinking advancements in resource capacity planning and forecasting.

Insights discussed in this whitepaper include:

  • Major pain points in your business that can be solved with capacity planning
  • The top challenges facing capacity planning processes today
  • The elements of successful capacity planning and forecasting
  • Critical capacity planning-dependent processes in your organization
  • Details regarding the two most prevalent models of capacity planning models – Top-Down and Bottom-Up
  • Insights regarding the up-and-coming Middle-Out Capacity Planning Model.
  • An explanation of today’s most common demand analysis methods
  • An explanation of supply analysis methods used by businesses, including supply forecast, billable and non-billable utilization forecast, time to staff new engagements, time to be billable, and attrition analysis

The capacity planning insights provided within this whitepaper can help your services business improve processes, so your business can meet changing project and resource demands by anticipating them and having the agility to effectively respond to these changes in as little time as possible.

Start Improving Your Professional Services Resource Capacity Planning

Understanding, planning, and improving resource capacity across your organization can have widespread positive effects on the company. Start learning more about capacity planning through the crucial insights provided in our Professional Services Resource Capacity Planning whitepaper.

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