Retooling the Tech Stack: What Does the Pandemic Expose About Your Technology?

Dec 03, 2020

Retooling the Tech Stack: What Does the Pandemic Expose About Your Technology?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for businesses around the world, forcing companies to adapt to new work circumstances and revealing processes that no longer work in this new way of doing business. It has also exposed weakness in the technology solutions that companies have depended on for years.

Suddenly, the systems that allowed teams to complete their daily tasks are no longer versatile enough to support remote workers and an influx of online communication. As businesses continue to adapt to new ways of doing work, it is critical to understand technology weaknesses and where changes need to be made. When done right, the limitations created by outdated technology can be overcome for greater success and stronger teams.

Lack of Portfolio Visibility

Now that your work structure has changed, are you able to see what the status of all active and upcoming projects? Project management software that doesn’t provide a complete rundown of all projects and the tasks within them can quickly create excess work. With comprehensive overviews and the ability to drill down into any task, project managers can gain a faster and more reliable understanding of their complete project portfolio.

Inability to Gauge Project Progress

Without face-to-face meetings and tasks, has project progress suddenly become difficult to measure? While it’s critical to have regularly scheduled meetings on projects, understanding completion rates and timelines should not depend on team meetings. Tools such as Gantt charts and project completion gauges that are interlinked with task statuses help managers stay up to date with their projects and provide the ability to make adjustments when necessary.

Inability to Understand Productivity

Does at-home work make it more difficult to measure the productivity of your team members on a day-to-day or monthly basis? Team productivity shouldn’t depend on managers looking over their employees’ shoulders, but without seeing team members in person, it may be easy to lose track of how well each person is performing in his or her position. Project management solutions that utilize time tracking, task management, and estimated timelines can help managers quickly see if individuals are performing to plan and where there may be issues affecting teams.

Lack of Cross-Departmental Interaction

Since you are no longer working in the same office, have other departments seemingly disappeared from your view? It can be easy to lose connections with coworkers in other departments that you do not regularly interact with regularly, but every team is working toward a common goal for the organization. While not every employee needs access to updates from other departments, managers should be given some visibility into updates, progress, and changes happening throughout the company for greater alignment and a stronger focus on success as a company overall.

Unclear Communications

Given a lack of in-person interaction, is your team experiencing difficulty communicating clearly and effectively online? Video conference calls and chat software can keep employees in touch with each other no matter where they are, but there can be a greater risk of miscommunications between team members regarding their own work and roles within a project. An effective project management solution will help resources collaborate within the context of the project they are part of, helping them send files, messages, and updates that tie directly to the tasks they are working on for a better understanding of what is happening.

Whether your team is working efficiently or experiencing complications due to the workplace changes caused by COVID-19, a modern resource and project management solution can help you finetune and streamline how your teams work. Stronger, faster, better supported teams lead to greater success, even when larger worldwide circumstances remain beyond your control.

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