RSM Improves Client Satisfaction and Global Business Processes with Mavenlink

Sep 23, 2020

RSM Improves Client Satisfaction and Global Business Processes with Mavenlink

RSM US LLP is an audit, tax, and consulting firm focused on the middle market in the United States and Canada and is a member of the global accounting network RSM International. Learn how Mavenlink helped RSM improve their business processes and client satisfaction rates on a global scale.

About RSM

RSM provides a wide variety of services including global, public, and private audit services, support for a wide variety of tax needs, as well as full service consulting and outsourcing services. For more than 90 years, RSM has been delivering professional services aligned with their values of respect, integrity, excellence, teamwork, and stewardship.

The Challenge

As a highly successful and consistently expanding organization, RSM needed support for their time- and work-intensive projects. While their legacy system had helped RSM find success in their day-to-day work, there were many desired features missing as the team continued to innovate the approach to global compliance, including more control over resources and critical insights into project trends, which the organization needed to find for the future of the business.

The Switch to Mavenlink

RSM’s desire to enhance their project management approach, coupled with the limitations of their homegrown solution led the organization to Mavenlink due to its common sense approach to project management. Another reason was because of Mavenlink’s future as a company, which aligned with the continued path of growth and success found at RSM.

RSM had several critical needs that had to be fulfilled by Mavenlink, which included client support, with Mavenlink’s Insights and easy-to-use configuration improving resource visibility and control possible. In addition, RSM’s need for project insights was fulfilled by Mavenlink’s project status reports and ability to provide automated critical information to each team member, which helped create a greater interconnectivity and a much easier pathway to finding crucial data for each resource’s role within a project.

The Results

  • Risk mitigation in global tax compliance
  • Templatized project creation
  • Improved team-client communication
  • Critical use of project status and KPIs
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