Suiteworld 2017 Agenda: The Top Seven Sessions You Can’t Afford To Miss

Mar 30, 2017

Suiteworld 2017 Agenda: The Top Seven Sessions You Can’t Afford To Miss

Mavenlink is excited to announce that we will be attending Suiteworld 2017, being held April 24th-27th in Las Vegas, Nevada. With that said, we are presenting an Agenda for Suiteworld 2017, covering the top seven must-attend sessions you cannot afford to miss this year!

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Suiteworld, here is a quick run down! Netsuite and Oracle have joined forces to bring you Suiteworld 2017, the largest cloud ERP conference and gathering of netsuite users, partners, and developers. If your business uses Netsuite, consider taking part in one of the biggest events of the year. Mavenlink will be at booth #929 and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

There are a number of breakout sessions occurring during Suiteworld 2017—however, with only three days and over 200 sessions, it will be hard to catch every one! Luckily, we have put together a list of the seven sessions that you truly cannot miss this year.

Session #1 | Sneak Peek: Project Profitability 2.0
Wednesday, Apr 26, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Join the NetSuite product team for a sneak peak at the new project profitability report capabilities in NetSuite SRP. We’ll look at how account-based custom filtering and grouping brings new levels of flexibility and visibility to project profitability reports. Don’t miss your opportunity to take profitability reporting to the next level!

Tomas Veselik – Product Manager, Oracle + NetSuite
Adam Mayo – Sr. Industry Principal, Oracle + NetSuite
Akram Bary – Product Manager, Oracle + NetSuite

Session #2 | Slack & NetSuite. Endless Productivity Possibilities
Wednesday, Apr 26, 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

This session will help you change the way you work by harnessing the power of NetSuite and leveraging the collaborative nature of Slack. We’ll show you how a custom NetSuite SlackBot can allow your team to reduce emails and administrative tasks, and save time, while maintaining quality and increasing productivity (and generally making life easy). We’ll explore how the CRM process can be expedited in Slack with commands such as “/leadtoday”, “/createlead” to pull information about all leads or push the creation or updating of an existing lead. You’ll learn simple commands that help sales teams harmonize information with two-way communication between NetSuite and Slack. Sponsored by Big Bang ERP.

Monica Ponoran – Consultant, Big Bang ERP
Nicolas Urena – Consultant, Big Bang ERP

Session #3 | SuiteSuccess: Zero to Cloud in 100 Days
Tuesday, Apr 25, 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM

Wednesday, Apr 26, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Designed with leading practices and two decades of experience in cloud ERP implementation and vertical domain knowledge, the SuiteSuccess customer engagement methodology puts customers on the fast track to business value. Organizations are typically live in 100 days or fewer with a phased based approach that spans from project kick-off to go-live. Hear from NetSuite customers on the rapid transformation and measurable value they’ve realized from the innovative SuiteSuccess approach.

Reginald Singh – VP SuiteSuccess, Oracle + NetSuite
Ansen Hatch – Corporate Controller, DirectScale
Katrina Horton – Sr. Director, Strategic Initiatives, Oracle + NetSuite
Sam Levy – Vice President, Oracle + NetSuite

Session #4 | On the Horizon: Service Resource Planning (SRP) Roadmap
Tuesday, Apr 25, 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM

This session will focus on the product roadmap for NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP) functionality, with a special focus on the project management, resource management, job costing and budgeting modules.

Terry Melnik – Director, PSA Product Marketing, Oracle + NetSuite
Adam Mayo – Sr. Industry Principal, Oracle + NetSuite
Tomas Veselik – Product Manager, Oracle + NetSuite
Akram Bary – Product Manager, Oracle + NetSuite
Djhoanna Tuason – Product Manager, Oracle + NetSuite

Session #5 | Ready…Set…Go! Rapid-Fire Competitive Intelligence
Tuesday, Apr 25, 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM

Join SuiteInsights, NetSuite’s market and competitive intelligence team, for a rapid-fire discussion and Q&A about Intacct, Infor, Microsoft, Epicor, Sage and SAP. We’ll zoom in on the challenges, competitive traps, FUD and NetSuite successes against each competitor. The conversation will get us all to a deeper understanding of NetSuite’s competitive landscape and how we can partner to beat the competition.

Sue Cronizer – Senior Director, Market and Competitive Intelligence, Oracle + NetSuite
Aaron Field – MD, Oracle + NetSuite
Adam Cooper – Principle Research Analyst, Oracle + NetSuite
Amanda Potter – Research Analyst, Oracle + NetSuite
Rich Simmons – Market & Competitive Intelligence, Oracle + NetSuite

Session #6 | Services Keynote, Optimize for Next: The Changing Services Industry
Wednesday, Apr 26, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Your business’s core transaction may be in a project, product, or both. Attend the services industry keynote as we discuss how to meet clients’ ever-changing and complicated expectations for delivery. Learn whether your business is prepared to meet the demands customers make while providing them value they don’t expect.

Jeff Smith – SVP Operations and Strategy, Golden Star Technology Inc.
Mark Baldwin – SVP Administration and General Counsel, DSI
Gary Wiessinger – SVP, Product Management, Oracle + NetSuite
Katrina Horton – Sr. Director, Strategic Initiatives, Oracle + NetSuite
Nikhil Gupta – Principal, Director of Business Operations, Commercial Consulting Group, Booz Allen Hamilton
Joseph Fung – VP HCM Products, Oracle + NetSuite
Heather Miller – VP, Professional Services, Oracle + NetSuite
Jason Maynard – SVP, Strategy and Marketing, Oracle + NetSuite
Terry Melnik – Director, PSA Product Marketing, Oracle + NetSuite

Session #7 | Software Keynote, Get to Next: What’s Coming for Software
Tuesday, Apr 25, 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM

New ideas and new business models are appearing on an almost daily basis in the software industry, but this evolution is taking place against regulatory standards that are also changing. Join us for the software industry keynote as we discuss some of the most significant changes to the software and technology landscape. Hear from industry thought leaders including Ron Gill, former CFO of NetSuite, and Prasadh Cadambi of KMPG, as well as market-leading software customers as they discuss what software companies need to do to evolve successfully.

Seymour Duncker – Founder and CEO, iCharts, Inc.
Evan Goldberg – EVP Development, Oracle + NetSuite
Prasadh Cadambi – Partner, KPMG
Ken Long – VP Corporate Controller & Chief Accounting Officer, Nutanix Inc.
Scott Davidson– CFO, Hortonworks, Inc.
Ron Gill – Former CFO, Oracle + NetSuite
Marc Huffman – SVP, Sales, Oracle + NetSuite
William Schonbrun – Senior Director, Product Marketing, Oracle + NetSuite
Kelly Scott – Software Industry Marketing Lead, Oracle + NetSuite

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