The Business Collaboration Checklist

Jun 15, 2020

The Business Collaboration Checklist

Are you looking for ways to improve your company’s collaboration efforts?

Ensuring effective communication across an organization, especially during a time when a large portion of workers are distributed and primarily communicating with one another online, is critical for a company’s success. Creating great collaboration takes time and focused effort whether your organization has experience in remote work or not.

Below is a checklist of actions that every company should take to improve and maintain their project collaboration processes. By checking off these action items, you can better understand how your company is currently collaborating and what can be done to quickly improve collaboration.

Improve Your Collaboration

  • Define goals before a project starts and communicate them regularly
  • Identify and communicate project roles and responsibilities among all team members
  • Communicate your expectations for how collaboration should be conducted
  • Invest in collaboration tools, such as chat apps, task management systems, Gantt charts, and more
  • Have annual training sessions on communication skills and collaboration tool use
  • Create partnerships between team members in coordination with goals
  • Highlight individuals’ strengths for assignment to possible tasks
  • Choose a specific preferred communication channel – project management software, instant messages, email, etc.
  • Create processes conflict resolution to work out issues should they arise
  • Promote a community working environment through forums, collaboration software, and group chats
  • Foster honest and open communication by encouraging differing opinions
  • Create specific, goal-related agendas for meetings to prevent wasted time
  • Share knowledge, insights, and resources among all team members
  • Set target goals and project milestones that serve as guideposts through completion
  • Use a shared project management space for all tasks, products, and vital information
  • Celebrate and reward successful teamwork at the end of a project for company-wide recognition

As you complete more of these actions, your team will have more effective communication among members, as well as have better support from management in their collaboration efforts. Take a look at what steps you have not been able to check off yet and prioritize them in your process improvement plans.

Take Collaboration to the Next Level

Creating a culture of positive, successful collaboration is a challenge that takes consistent effort, but it is possible. Learn more about how to start off right with our ebook, “How to Win at Collaboration.”

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