The Modern Workforce Is Changing. Are You Prepared?

Jul 27, 2021

The Modern Workforce Is Changing. Are You Prepared?

The liquid workforce is gaining momentum within professional services organizations, with contractors providing an elastic approach to resource management that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Highly skilled individuals can be hired according to an organization’s need to scale up or down at will. Employing these temporary, specialized workers keeps operations agile and lean, while still allowing innovation, and meeting ever-increasing client expectations.

And while businesses benefit from the modern contract workforce, contractors are also benefiting from the constantly increasing demand for on-demand. Their choice to freelance reflects a fresh perspective on employment, enabled by collaboration technologies and the cloud. Businesses that require on-demand workers to remain competitive and successful can now fill gaps in capacity and satisfy their needs for specialized skills without completely overhauling their teams.

To help you understand the changes happening right now driving the liquid workforce, Mavenlink has commissioned a new research report, “The Changing Face of the Modern Workforce.”

This report seeks to shed light on how and why organizations are increasingly using freelancers and contractors, what sectors are most likely to hire them, and where technology can significantly help manage this growing on-demand workforce. With research-backed data on the trends changing the modern workforce and how professional services firms are both succeeding and failing in responding, you can better understand your own company’s standing in this changing landscape.

We hope the insights gained from our research will help business leaders and their organizations as they build the best teams for driving profitability and efficiently growing their business.

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