What is the Best Project Management Tool?

Aug 08, 2019

What is the Best Project Management Tool?

The best project management tool is one that is not only easy to use, but one that also has all the features your company needs to be more productive and profitable.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you need the “easiest” project management tool available, the reality is that it takes a combination of features and simplicity to make a project management tool a worthy investment for your company.

The best project management tools will not only give you an easy-to-use platform for tracking tasks and productivity, but will empower you to plan and execute projects with better efficiency and profitability.

What Does the Best Project Management Software Look Like?

The best project management software is a combination of high-performance features that are easy to use. They help provide more accurate scheduling and planning for a project while making it easy to track execution, all without it feeling like a lot of work.

For instance, a great project management tool will always have robust reporting features that allow you to track progress and trends, but it will also have visual reporting that is easy to digest at a glance. It will offer simple drag-and-drop tools for scheduling, but will also be working automatically to dynamically adjust project timelines, budgets, and resource allocations based on any of the drag-and-drop changes you make.

The Best Project Management Software Increases Profitability

When you’re looking for project management software, keep in mind that part of its purpose will be to increase your profitability. The tool should empower you to use your resources more efficiently. This means putting the right people for the right rates on the right projects.

As project managers, we know this is no simple task. Some team members work more quickly than others, while others may be slower but produce higher quality work that requires fewer revisions. Your project management tool should make it easy to view and predict these trends and to make the best decision for your needs.

What It Looks Like: The best project management tools allow you to use your resources more effectively by giving you information about a team member’s bandwidth, allowing you to name or categorize resources based on skill sets, measure the productivity of certain resources using reporting, and to adjust project expectations (timeline, budget, etc.) accordingly. A strong project management software solution should allow you to compare different project scenarios so you can make the best decisions for your project goals.

The Best Project Management Tool Makes it Easier for Teams to Work Together

You’re probably researching project management software because you need to find a better way to track and manage tasks within your team. If this is the case, then you know as well as anyone that the success of a company is based on its ability to use resources intelligently.

A good project management tool will let you see which resources are available in which capacities, and to drag and drop them into a schedule for your project. If you’re using one of the top project management tools, such as Mavenlink, then this will automatically adjust your resource availability and budget according to the properties set for the project and resource.

Your project management tool should also allow you to easily see which team members are available. This is especially important for teams that work in multiple locations or remotely. It allows you to plan for and schedule collaboration without sending multiple emails, calendar invites, or passing file versions back and forth. Even if your team doesn’t have to work directly with each other at a set time, having a project management tool that allows for simpler communication, file sharing, and collaboration can help streamline processes in remote or multi-location teams.

What It Looks Like: Drag-and-drop scheduling and at-a-glance resource reporting are highlights in a good project management tool. It should also be simple to share files and may even allow you to mark up or comment on files uploaded within the tool.

The Best Project Management Tool is Easy for YOU to Use

As a project manager, you’re probably most focused on what will be easy for your team to use (so they will actually use it), but it’s equally important for the project management software to be easy for you to use. The best project management software makes your life easier.

This includes things like allowing you to save project templates from successful projects. It should also automatically calculate things like budget and timeline based on your inputs instead of making you do any double-entry or manual calculations.

What It Looks Like: When you’re exploring a project management tool, it should be obvious that it’s going to save you time and effort. Does the software calculate timelines, budgets, and resource allocation for you? Can it generate estimates? Does it save you from having to send external emails or use additional file-sharing or scheduling tools? If a project management tool doesn’t seem like it’s going to make your life easier, it isn’t for you.

The Best Project Management Tool Offers Robust Data and Reporting

Project managers are often a high-impact combination of creative and analytical skills. They can take complex problems and use data to organize the perfect plan to maximize performance and profitability, all while ensuring the right mix of resources are used at any given time. They are also creative problem solvers who usually appreciate being able to find new, creative ways to do things better.

When used to its full potential, this can help you drive better outcomes by predicting roadblocks or speed bumps (and troubleshooting them), developing turnkey project templates, and giving accurate project timelines and budgets.

So basically, the best project management software will turn you into a fortune-telling data-driven superstar.

What it Looks Like: What this typically means is that the best project management tools have detailed reporting. This reporting should be easy to read while still giving the data and metrics necessary to make smarter project management decisions.

What Can Mavenlink Project Management Do for You?

Mavenlink project management provides a combination of robust tools that let you manage projects better, while still being intuitive and easy to use. Mavenlink can also grow with you, providing the solutions you need at any given time while giving you plenty of room to scale as a company.

Want to see for yourself why Mavenlink is the best project management tool available? Learn more today.

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