Work From Anywhere, Deliver Work Everywhere

Jun 02, 2020

Work From Anywhere, Deliver Work Everywhere

Today, companies everywhere are being forced to work differently. The sudden shift to remote work in response to COVID-19 has created a new norm. One that requires organizations to not only be there for customers just as they were before, but to be anywhere and everywhere clients need their services organizations to be.

This is what Mavenlink does. We deliver remote work, seamlessly. We have been doing it for years and we can help you do that for your clients.

When the world is unsettled and changing all around us, client retention and client satisfaction are more important than ever. Using a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution can play a crucial role in your organization’s remote work.

How Can a PSA Support Remote Work

Organizations need to be flexible. Companies need to be adaptable. And what better way to do that than with a PSA solution that allows you to manage your remote workforce with complete transparency and visibility?

A PSA solution provides several critical insights for companies that must manage a remote work team. These include:

Resource Utilization:

Resource managers need to know where every resource is in their day-to-day work and progress regarding individual tasks and longer term projects. This is especially true with remote, distributed teams. In addition, it is critical to understand how each resource is allocated to know where their skills can be best used and what can be done to improve their individual utilization rates as needed. By knowing, in detail, which projects each team member is on and which clients their work is serving, resource managers have a better understanding of their teams’ contributions.

The resource insights enabled by a PSA can significantly reduce communication breakdowns and task complications that frequently accompany remote work.

Project Commitments:

There are few things that can impact client satisfaction more than missing deadlines and delivering projects that do not meet expectations. Small errors and timeline complications can quickly compromise the quality of products and services delivered. Distributed work can cause these errors to go unnoticed or increase in number or severity.

A PSA solution can help project managers quickly identify projects that are currently backlogged, determine current capacity for these backlogged projects as well as committed projects, and understand the skills demand and availability. The result is more projects delivered on time and improved quality and client satisfaction.

Real-Time Management:

Successful resource management requires understanding and responding to changes in project and team member needs in real time. The sooner that crucial adjustments can be made, the sooner tasks can get back on track to avoid lost time.

Having a project management solution fully integrated with your company’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution will enable you to manage client expectations seamlessly and in real time. As client needs change and project parameters shift, resource allocations and task timelines can be altered.

These insights and tools will give resource managers the ability to not only better understand the day-to-day work life of their team members, but have the capabilities needed to optimize their schedules and tasks. The result is a team collaborating and working efficiently within a single workspace to overcome the unique obstacles created by remote work.

Finding a Partner in the Shift to Remote Work

There’s no better partner in a time of change than one that is successfully managing a remote workforce and delivering projects remotely themselves.

Look no further than Mavenlink. We’re here for you. We’re everywhere for you. Let us help you elevate client satisfaction, improve retention, grow and thrive through this uncertainty, and help your clients do the same.

Support Your Workers in Times of Change

Work continues to change in industries around the world, but understanding what distributed teams need in their remote workplaces is critical to retaining a strong workforce. Learn more in Mavenlink’s “Rise of the Remote Worker” eBook.

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