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The Company

Mavenlink is a rapidly growing, globally recognized SaaS company that provides technology, expertise, and support that enables organizations throughout the world to conduct business anywhere, with anyone. We believe every business deserves a chance to succeed in today’s fast-moving, connected economy. That’s why we set out to reinvent the way the world conducts business — and why we need people just like you.

Did we mention that Mavenlink is an awesome place to work? You’ll have the opportunity to work in an energetic environment with a smart team that loves what they do.

The Role

Mavenlink is looking for talented software developers to join our San Francisco office. We have a great team solving challenges brought by growth & success. You'll step into a supportive environment praised by our engineers for its focus on continuous learning.

Here’s how our engineering culture will support your career growth:

Pair Programming
“We work twice as fast and produce better code because, with two minds working together, you find solutions you wouldn’t have seen if you were working by yourself.”
- Amanda Holl, Software Engineer

Continuous Learning
I don’t just want to learn so I can be the best, I want to learn so I can teach the people sitting next to me—so we can all grow.”
– Adam Ellsworth, Software Engineer

Coaching and Mentorships
"Every engineer here has a 'coach' - an active, practicing engineer providing mentorship and support to help their 'coachees' grow their careers."
– Andy Leavitt, Director of Engineering

Open Communication
“We teach team members how to give and receive feedback. I feel like the things I say are heard and acted on, and I have an opportunity to act on them myself.”
– Paulette Luftig, Software Engineer

Full-stack development
“We have open architecture meetings that everyone is invited to, which we can do because everyone is full stack, and we all know how the pieces fit together. There are very few blind spots this way.”
–Maggie Sheldon, Senior Director of Product

As our product and customer base grow, we’re seeing interesting technical challenges. We’ve recently finished:

  • Moving from Sprockets to Webpack/Yarn
  • Real-time streaming of all database events to time-sensitive application systems
  • Automated containerized staging deployment of every green developer build

Upcoming challenges include:

  • Developing a rich & sophisticated React component architecture
  • Evolution from a single Rails app to cohesive, decoupled services
  • Auto-scaled, self-healing production Kubernetes

Joining Mavenlink, we’ll guide you toward the challenges that interest you.

Skills & Requirements

Though we will eventually re-open our recruiting to early-career candidates, at this time we're only considering candidates with 2+ years of experience.

Experience in our stack is not a requirement.

We value empathy, communication, and care for our colleagues.

Mavenlink is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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