The way that people work is constantly evolving. As more and more people move to the Internet everyday for business, people are constantly connected. As a freelance editor and writer for The Next Web working solely online, Courtney Boyd Myers kept running into the same question: How do we enhance our productivity in the human cloud?

To answer this, Courtney turned to our CEO, Ray Grainger. Since Mavenlink was founded to give independent professionals and small businesses a project management tool to work globally and efficiently, she knew Ray would be the perfect person to ask.

Ray broke down his answer into seven points:

  1. Stop juggling multiple point solutions.

  2. Create a collaborative online work environment.

  3. Give clients an easy way to answer their own questions.

  4. Track all your project-related documents and communications in one place.

  5. Make it easy to bring others into your project.

  6. Need an intuitive, simple project management solution.

  7. Streamline your billing.

You should definitely read the full Human Cloud post on The Next Web, as Ray dives deep into each of his seven points.


How do you enhance your productivity in the human cloud?

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