Today marks the Google Apps Marketplace’s first birthday. While the Marketplace is only a year old, it has afforded Mavenlink several years worth of success already.

Currently, Mavenlink is the #2 ranked application in the Google Apps Marketplace Project Management category, the most installed application category in 2010. Mavenlink is consistently in the top-5 in Google’s “‘Tops’ in Google Apps” Top Weekly Installed Apps across all categories. We have been fortunate to also be included in major publications, stemming in large part from Google’s announcements of their Best of the Google Apps Marketplace in 2010 post. In that announcement, Google announced that Mavenlink was the 5th most installed app in all of 2010.

The Google Apps Marketplace delivers 1,500 new, high-quality business visitors to Mavenlink everyday. These outstanding visitors know what they are looking for, and are provided an easy method of application installation by Google. Since a large majority of these businesses are already Google Apps users, they convert to Mavenlink users at a very high rate to take advantage of the completeness of our integration with Google Apps.

To further illustrate our point on the quality of the traffic, take a look at these internal numbers:

  • Google Apps Marketplace visitors convert to Mavenlink users at a 4x higher rate than other channels.

  • On their initial visit, these visitors spend over 3x the amount of time on site versus all other channels.

  • The bounce rate on initial visits of Marketplace visitors is half that of all other channels.

The Marketplace and our integration with Google Apps are key product differentiators that we will continue to improve upon and expand. The Marketplace provides both Mavenlink and you (our users!) a rich ecosystem to seek complimentary technologies and partnerships where our products can interoperate on Google and be surrounded by like-minded companies.

So, Happy Birthday to the Google Apps Marketplace!

The entire Mavenlink team is excited to see what Year 2 holds in store and doing our part to continue its success and grow to be the #1 Project Management application. Come see Mavenlink in the Google Apps Marketplace!

“We have enjoyed our partnership with Google Apps, and the Google Apps Marketplace team, immensely. Together, we serve the needs of the same global market: the millions of small and medium-sized businesses who are rapidly embracing cloud computing and looking for a better way to manage their business. Mavenlink is determined to provide a comprehensive business application to extend Google Apps for every business user.” - Ray Grainger, CEO & Co-Founder of Mavenlink

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