Dear Mavenlink Family of Customers,

As the Director of Customer Experience here at Mavenlink, it is my job (and that of my teams’) to ensure that every Mavenlink customer feels valued, supported and has the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate in Mavenlink and reap the most benefits out of this comprehensive solution.

To this end, I wanted to kick off the “Ask Melissa” column in which you may write to me of your Mavenlink successes and joys, as well as your questions and woes. I will laugh with you, cry with you…ok maybe I won’t go that far, but I WILL commit to do my best to provide a solution and share some “Mavenlink Tips” along the way.

Maven Fact – Did you know that there are two ways to invite people into Mavenlink?

There are account level invitations and project level invitations.  

Account Level Invitations

To clarify, account level invitations are invitations sent to users that you would like to be part of your account. Since the user’s email is tied to a Mavenlink account, by inviting a user at the account level, you can ensure that this user has the permissions you desire for any project that you invite them into.  This tends to include employees of your company, contractors that you work with often and those individuals that will be working on multiple projects with you and you want an easy way to manage their permissions.

How to create an Account Level Invitation

To invite a user to be a member of your account, simply click on “Account” under your name. This lands you on the “Account Tab.”

Now scroll down until you see “Invite another colleague” under “Free Members”. Select “Invite another colleague”.

Type in the name and email address of the person you would like to invite. If you would like this person to be able to lead projects and see financial information, click the drop down “Invite user as” and change from “Free member” to “Premium member.” You may then select the check box to “lead and administer projects.” Once you select “add,” the invitation is on its way! The invitee simply needs to accept the invitation request and you have your first member on your Mavenlink account!

I know what you are thinking? But Melissa, what if I have someone that I am working only one project with? Not a problem!! That’s what project level invitations are for.

How to create a Project Level Invitations

Simply open a project, click “Invite a Client or Colleague” on the Team Tab. The role you select determines if they are someone who is working on the project (consultant) and may need to enter time and expenses, or if they are having the project worked for them (client), with no need to enter time and expenses.

Once a role has been selected, the invitation window will populate and you may enter their email address. Note: If you are integrated with Google your Google contacts will populate as you type.  You may modify the message in the window, see the preview of your message on the right hand side and click the checkbox under the message window to make that message your default for project level invitations.

To “Ask Melissa” a question and suggest your Mavenlink tip, please send an email to with the subject line “Ask Melissa." If we use your question or Maven Tip, we will send you a Mavenlink T-shirt.

I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, Happy Mavenlinking!


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