Dear Mavenlinkers,

In the spirit of the recent Thanksgiving Holiday, I feel the need to talk a bit about what I am thankful about. Of course, I am thankful for the usual – my family and friends and let’s not forget my Great Dane puppies, even when they chew up my favorite pair of shoes, and attack the carpet with gusto (puppies is a relative word as they weigh in at 130lbs, but technically they are still under the age of 1). I am also VERY thankful that I work for and with an AMAZING company in which I get to interact every day with Mavenlinkers such as yourselves. Thank you for sharing your business with me, trusting me and my team to help find you the best solutions for your business, and of course for simultaneously making me smile, challenging me, and of course keeping me on my toes.

What better way to ring in the holidays with Mavenlink and show our fellow Mavenlinkers that we care and are invested in your success than to showcase our Premium Support and Tailored Services options?!  Mavenlink offers both Premium Support, which allows for a customized and Dedicated Customer Experience Representative to support and help maintain your account as well as Premium Trainings to expedite the learning curve and ensure that you and your team are up and running as quickly as possible.

Where can you find these Mavenlink treasures? Well I am so glad you asked. Simply click on account (under your name), click on the right hand side “Value Added Services” that interest you; either Dedicated Support and/or Tailored Services.

Mavenlink, Project Management

The Mavenlink Dedicated support offering, allows for customized support to your business needs with access to the phone number of your Dedicated Customer Experience Representative. That means, you get high touch support with your very own Mavenlink Representative, and might I add, our goal – to ensure that when you think of Mavenlink you smile! Additional features include an uptime guarantee and personalized web trainings! For additional details see the full offerings below – Standard offering is $249/mo. Contact for specialized pricing.

Mavenlink, Project Management

Mavenlink’s Tailored Services include customized trainings for using the QuickBooks integration, and Google Apps Integration, as well as our On-Boarding & Training offer designed to get your team up to speed by the end of the session. To take advantage of any of these offerings, simply click “request service” for the training(s) you would like and a Mavenlink Customer Experience team member will reach out to you to schedule your session! It’s that easy!

Mavenlink, Project Management

Mavenlink understands that your time is valuable, and we appreciate your business. So theoretically, kick up your feet during this holiday season and allow us to do the “heavy lifting” for you, so that all you need to do is focus on your business and your team. We will take care of the rest!

Happy Mavenlinking!


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