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Last month we posted a fun infographic on the history of project management, which we defined as the act of “assembling people to systematically achieve a shared goal,” or in other words, collaborate.

In reflecting on literally thousands of years of successful project management, we’ve come a long way since the time of the Pyramids of Giza and The Great Wall of China.  And we’ve arguably come even further in the last five years alone.  But in all this time one thing has remained constant: collaborate is a verb.

It requires action, communication, compromise and flexibility on the part of everyone involved to really work well.  But when it does, the results are nothing less than extraordinary.  We’re pretty sure the concept of “a whole being more than the sum of its parts” came from someone (or more likely a group!) who has mastered the art of collaboration.

Today’s smaller and more connected world makes it easier than ever to collaborate.  Indeed, the tools we use to collaborate have exploded, from email to cloud-based applications and social project management solutions such as Mavenlink (which has quickly become the #1 installed app in the Google Apps Marketplace).

When everyone including my grandmother has an iPhone, you know the times they are a changin’.  A mobile strategy is as critical to any consumer product as a retail strategy.  Moreover, mobile apps are enabling even more constant collaboration among diverse teams. If we aren’t already, we will all soon be thinking: I collaborate, therefore I am.

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