1. Do what you tell your own clients to do Yes, you have project management software.  Yes, you know how to use it, and yes, this is the year that you will actually use all the rich features that are available to you and not just tell your clients to do so.

2.  Clean up projects as you go Most cloud based project management software allows you to archive old projects.  Most of us, however, just let the old ones sit there among our existing projects.  Let this be the year you resolve to complete and move old projects to where they should go.

3. Challenge yourself to learn from past projects Take some time at the start of the year to look back and see what went right and what went wrong with some of your projects.  If there are any key themes or trends that worked, repeat them…and of course stop doing the bad ones.

4.  Keep up with Project Management Trends Subscribe to a blog or use an available content aggregator to provide you with key news and updates in the project management world.  Key:  don’t read everything, just find ways to get at the good stuff.

5.  Have a great 2013! This is a resolution we all should keep.  As project managers, it’s our job to plan, revise and plan again, dealing with all the various obstacles and challenges that come along.  Make sure you are still enjoying the process, and have a great year.

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