Last month, Sean Ellis did an interview with Andrew Warner of Mixergy discussing marketing, startups, and entrepreneurship. As somebody who was recently turned onto Sean’s blog by Sean Craft’s post, Focus on the Love, I was listening intently. What was the one item I took from the interview more than anything else? Teamwork.

As Sean Ellis mentions in his recap of the interview, there is obviously a lot more than a “secret weapon” or “pure luck” that helps a company succeed. You can’t simply build a valuable product for your users and then stand pat.

Your product & development team must capitalize on the user’s needs for your product and listen to what they are saying to continuously enhance your product, such as with the Google Apps Integration. The marketing team must continue the momentum with customer acquisition based on what has and has not worked; they need to remain analytical instead of gut feelings and speculation. Everybody must collaborate together to get to the next level and continue doing so until you get to the top of the mountain.

Evolve. Grow. Succeed.


What do you think it takes for a small business or startup to succeed? What have you found works or does not work in some of your past work?

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