• Preview_tips_20for_20masterful_20negotiating
    April 30, 2010
    7 Tips for Dealmaking

    Getting clients is one thing, negotiating terms you want is another. For most in the freelance economy, dealmaking is a necessary evil. But learning to negotiate effectively can increase your pay and help grow your ... Read more

  • Preview_biz_20plan_20blog
    April 28, 2010
    Retune Your Business Plan

    One way to jumpstart your business is to rethink how you make money. That is, look at where the money is coming in and where money is going out and try to maximize the first and minimize the latter. Whether you've ... Read more

  • Preview_socialagain52
    April 25, 2010
    Check out Social Again Mavenlink Review!
    Sean Crafts

    Social Again, a tech review review site, gave Mavenlink a glowing review in March. Check it out!

    "Now you can concentrate on your core business, and Mavelink will help you with all the other things. ... Read more

  • Preview_4_techam_finalist_2010_wh_small_
    April 20, 2010
    Tech America Names Mavenlink as a Finalist for Innovation Award
    Sean Crafts

    Mavenlink was recognized today as a finalist for TechAmerica's Innovation Award for Cloud Computing.

    Mavenlink is excited to be a part of this year's TechAmerica High Tech ... Read more

  • Preview_abc_20news_20irs_20audits
    April 19, 2010
    IRS Ups Audits on Self-Employed Americans

    Being your own boss means contributing to the some $150 billion that independents will pay this year in income tax.

    Working hard to grow your consulting business (whatever it is - design, law, ... Read more

  • Preview_screen_20shot_202010-04-12_20at_206.20.53_20pm
    April 15, 2010
    Introducing Mavenlink's Community Site
    Sean Crafts

    Everything you need to navigate the networked economy. It is a lofty vision, but we are one giant step closer with the launch of our new "Community" site. Our goal from this day forward for the community ... Read more

  • Preview_women_20juggling_20career_20life_20balance
    April 12, 2010
    More Women Juggling Multiple Jobs Than Men

    According to MSNBC, women are more likely to juggle multiple gigs than men, with some 3.7 million adult women working more than one job. The reason? Women often aren't interested in working a ... Read more