• June 30, 2009
    New Feature: Multi-User Projects & Workspaces
    Roger Neel

    It is my pleasure to introduce our latest major feature - multi-user projects and workspaces. It was through some of the initial feedback of our community that we prioritized this feature and ... Read more

  • June 22, 2009
    Passionate About Quality
    Sean Crafts

    One of the things that the team at Mavenlink is most proud of and vows to protect is the high quality of the Mavens that have joined our charter community. There is no question that the individuals and firms that ... Read more

  • Preview_negotiating_20the_20freelance_20economy
    June 08, 2009
    New Ways to Work
    Sean Crafts

    Media, television and bloggers alike are clamoring about changes in the way people work. Journalists, Economists, Academics, Businesses, and just about every one you run into these days, seem to agree on a couple of things. ... Read more