Bloomberg Businessweek interviewed longtime Mavenlink user, Kelly Parkinson of Copylicious, about the Freelance Nation and collaborating online. As the Founder of Copylicious, Kelly works with businesses to handle their copywriting, website design & development, and to improve the way her clients manage their overall business.

In the video below, Kelly talks about how she wanted to be a freelance copywriter and become location independent. She now handles around 100 projects per year. She has learned that projects tend to take longer, always require more project collaboration than anticipated, and business decisions need to be made together.

As a result, she needs to use an online workspace to keep all conversations and decisions in one place, which is why she uses Mavenlink. While jumping from project to project, Mavenlink allows Kelly to handle her wide spectrum of tasks and keep her clients involved.

In addition, she uses Google Apps and Mavenlink is integrated with Google Apps. Between Mavenlink and Google Apps, she is capable of working with website designers, developers, and other independent contractors to complete her teams and keep agile with whom she works with, her hours, and her daily schedule.

Follow Kelly Parkinson on Twitter (@copylicous) or subscribe to her rather entertaining Copylicious blog.

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