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Master Planning

Gain real-time visibility into team productivity and availability so you can effectively and efficiently allocate resources across your project portfolio. Assign resources and allocate hours. Define roles and forecast future resource needs. View individual or team utilization.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

  • 01.

    Create a resource plan by person or project

  • 02.

    Highlight and see over or under-utilization

  • 03.

    Bird's eye view of actual resource schedule

  • 04.

    See in-flight project status and budget

Cross-Project Personnel Planning

Quickly see if you have the bandwidth to take on more work. Proactively plan your resourcing strategy to ensure you'll have the right resources to deliver projects on time. Understand the demand for specific resources and roles, then allocate team members across projects to ensure their availability.

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Project-level Resource Scheduling

Confidently schedule resources on project tasks and subtasks to increase project predictability. Build projected timesheets to understand how much time to budget and fees to charge. Use resource management tools to help determine how hours are distributed.

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Reallocate and Reassign Resources

Mavenlink enables you to assign resources prior to a project’s start date, so other managers have insight into who will be available at a later point in the project. This takes the guesswork out of whether a resource will be able to take on future assignments. As projects progress, resources may be reassigned with ease.

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