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Mavenlink Proofing

Mavenlink Proofing brings creative asset review directly into your workspace. You can easily annotate nearly any file type, while working transparently with your teams and clients. Gain clearer and more actionable feedback to reduce re-work and revisions for your designers. Plus, Mavenlink Proofing lets you create a complete editing archive, so every change request and future project is easily referenceable. Welcome to the future of work.

★★★★★The Mavenlink Difference

Simplify Your Reviews

  • 01.

    Edit and approve creative assets faster

  • 02.

    Eliminate versioning nightmares

  • 03.

    Streamline your creative process

Side-By-Side Comparison

Easily compare versions in split-screen mode within a collaborative platform. With pixel-to-pixel comparison, you can spot introduced errors. And with a variety of annotation and markup tools, you increase accuracy of changes.

side by side revisions

Make Markups Easier

You’ll never have to ask which version is most recent thanks to easy version uploads. Meanwhile, a full archive of past versions lets you compare edits and ensure all changes were made. A full suite of markup tools lets you easily comment on images, PDFs, Adobe files, videos and more.

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Simplify Internal & Client Reviews

Eliminate siloed markups. Consolidate all reviews into a single workspace, so you never have to manage multiple feedback sources again, including email attachments and printouts. With Mavenlink Proofing, you can even invite clients to give feedback and approve, with no additional software licenses required.

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