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Online Gantt Charts

Mavenlink’s web-based Gantt chart allows you and your team to see how your entire project — including all its tasks and milestones — is progressing against your plan. An intuitive, drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly assess if a project is on track and which tasks may require additional attention.

★★★★★The Mavenlink Difference

Guard the Critical Path

  • 01.

    Visualize your Project Timeline
    with Dynamic Charts

  • 02.

    Monitor your Progress in Real-Time

  • 03.

    View Dependencies, Due Dates, Milestones
    and the Critical Path

Drag-and-Drop Dependencies

With Mavenlink's Gantt Charts, project managers can create dependencies between tasks and see each dependency displayed on an easy-to-read, comprehensive project timeline. Users can quickly and easily reset or change a project or task’s deadlines — and all milestones associated with it in a matter of seconds.


Gantt Baseline Snapshots

Mavenlink's Gantt (available in Mavenlink Premier) Chart allows you to compare your project timeline side by side against a baseline benchmark or initial plan — or against any timeline snapshot you’ve captured earlier in the project.

gantt charting

Critical Path Analysis and Percentage Complete

Immediately assess your project’s critical path by determining which activities are crucial to ensuring deadlines are met. Track the percentage complete of any given task or project in real time, enabling better forecasting, planning, and reporting.

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