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Invoice & Online Payments

Create and send detailed project invoices to clients with a few clicks. Bill for fixed-fee deliverables, time-and-expense, or both on the same project.

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Timesheets and Expenses

  • 01.

    Sync with your General Ledger

  • 02.

    PayPal integration for easy payment

  • 03.

    Invoice across multiple clients over
    multiple projects

Flexible, Multi-Project Invoices

Generate invoices for hours spent on a project, bill for a flat fee, or a combination of both on a single invoice. Roll-up multiple projects for single client into one invoice, enabling faster billing and cleaner invoices.

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Invoice Reports, Work-in-Progress and Accounts Receivable

Check the status of all your project invoices. Narrow by date range and invoice status to determine how aligned you are with a payment schedule. View the payments for your active invoices to determine which invoices are outstanding so you can follow up with clients and collect revenue you've earned. See the amount of accumulated time that has been attributed to projects, but has yet to be billed for. Monitor your burn rate against the planned hours and budget to anticipate over-runs before they happen.

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Accounting System Integration

Synchronize your project expenses with your General Ledger (GL) for seamless job costing, invoicing, payroll, and project accounting. Easily map your data, including customers, jobs, and employees.

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