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Project Profitability and Margins

Know the profitability of your entire business and of any billable projects in real-time. Measure your actual and projected margins, billable fees, and costs.

★★★★★The Mavenlink Difference

Improve your Profitability

  • 01.

    Treat each project as its own P&L

  • 02.

    Understand your costs

  • 03.

    Monitor time, expenses and invoices by project

  • 04.

    Advanced margin and profitability reporting

Project and Task Cost Analysis

To improve your profitability, you need to better understand your costs. With Mavenlink project management tools, your team’s time, expenses, and invoices are linked to the tasks and projects they impact. Mavenlink provides the financial control you need to ensure your business is profitable and successful.

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Customized Business Intelligence and Insights

In addition to using Mavenlink as task management software, you can generate highly detailed, interactive reports with an advanced Business Intelligence engine. Customize reports that provide instant visibility into the metrics that determine your success. Forecast trends and make proactive decisions about every aspect of your project-based business.

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