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Rate Cards

By using rate cards, Mavenlink customers can set standard rates for the services they provide. Our rate cards feature was designed to allow service providers to define roles and rates within a Mavenlink account. Unique or custom rate cards can also be created.

★★★★★The Mavenlink Difference

Bill the Right Rate for
Each Resource

  • 01.

    Multiple rates for the same project

  • 02.

    Standardize bill rates across your team

  • 03.

    Set client expectations for faster
    billing cycles

  • 04.

    Automate plans for new projects

  • 05.

    Customize for different clients, regions,
    and currencies

Standardized Rates

Using standardized rate cards and inviting your clients into Mavenlink allows your account administrator to set plans expectations for services before delivering the work. It also allows them to accelerate the billing cycle at the end of the project. Rate cards can have effective dates that will be applied to projects accordingly.

project management software with rate cards

Custom Rate Cards

With custom rate cards, you can create rate cards for a project, client, region, or project type. Full currency support included. You can adapt your billing model to the specific way you work and charge for that work.

mavenlink rate cards

Automate Billing

Rate cards will increase project performance by making it easier to replicate profitable projects. Users will also be able to automate project plans for future projects. With rate cards, finance managers can produce accurate forecasting numbers.

rate card

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